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Transform your home with sparkling ceramic tile installed by Local Plumber in Austin, Texas. If you need expedient plumbing repair, we also have you covered. Whether your toilet is backed up or you need your sewer line cleaned, just give us a call and relax while we make our way over to your home the very same day.

Tub - Ceramic Tile in Austin, TX
Sewer Drain Repair
If your sewer lines are clogged, there’s no time to lose. Once you call us, we come quickly and clean out your sewer line from your home to the street. We put the rooter machine through its paces to remove any grease in your sewer lining and drain your tub properly. When you can’t unplug your toilet with a plunger, our staff quickly uses the auger or snake to remove the source of clogging.
Expert Plumbing Repair
Here is a just a sample of the repair services we provide:


  • Fixing Leaking Pipes & Faucets
  • Replacing Faucets
  • Repairing & Replacing Toilets
  • Repairing Hot Water Heaters
Whether you use gas or electricity to power your water heater, we have you covered.


Ceramic Tile Installation
Nothing gives a bathroom a nice, sparkling appearance as much as beautiful ceramic tile. Although we are known for our plumbing and drain cleaning services, we also specialize in the installation of ceramic tile on the following:
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Vanities
If you would like to have a shower lined with ceramic, our staff is happy to build yours.
Whether you need quick plumbing repair or expert tile installation, contact our office
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